There’s A Hole In My Heart – Advice For The Broken Hearted

There’s a hole in my heart meanwhile my soul overflows.  The overflow makes up for the lack of sustenance. It’s the obvious factor of a broken heart.  Look elsewhere and fill the soul to it’s capacity.  Perhaps even overflow beyond it’s limitations.  Let your life be filled to the fullest possible measure.  So full should your life be that you are enraptured in all of the beauty this life truly has to offer.  Fill it with abundance, love, joy, people, friends, family, kinship, compassion, ideas, thoughts, activities more than it can bear.

Fill it to forget.  Fill it to replace what’s not there.  Fill your soul up with overflow that is unnecessary.  Do what you can to make up for the loss.  Laugh at the ridiculousness of life when really all you want to do is cry.  We’re free to choose.  

This is the thing.  We can live in sorrow and despair.  Or we can move forward in belief and hope of a brighter day. Perhaps tomorrow a possibility beyond this imagination will arrive?  Maybe tomorrow I once again will feel alive.  Tomorrow there is a promise of the unknown.  

There will be new encounters, new thoughts, new exchanges.  The possibilities abound far greater than this mind can imagine.  What I conjure has limitations.  What life has to offer does not.  We don’t know what tomorrow has in store.  God has it noted.  There’s a plan in place for what will happen next.  How your life will unfold is up to us, but only to an extent.  

How we receive what happens, totally in our control. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but the hope of it makes me want to live another day.  In the despair of grief and in the captivity of sorrow I cannot bear another tomorrow.  In the vivid glory of hope I see the unfoldment of such beauty and magic.  

Yes I want to live another day.

So here’s some advice.

1. Love yourself for now. Do the soul work. I give this advice always and for pretty much everything. This is the wise way of getting through things. When we begin to live as existentialists we better understand life and things that happen to us.

We use these struggles and challenges as opportunities to work on ourselves. Do things that are awesome for your soul right now.

It’s ok. Being alone is not the end of the world.

2. Everything happens for a reason. Know there is reason for this and it will make you stronger and wiser in the end. You will be better for it.

3. Do Soul Work – do things that are awesome for your soul. This is so important that it is essentially the same as number 1. Loving yourself is a form of soul work and vice versa.

4. Be Excited About The Possibilities – Keep hope and faith that there is so much more to live for and look forward to it. This is just one little snippet and it too shall pass.

5. Learn to be ok being alone. Being alone can be a profoundly beautiful thing. It’s an opportunity to awaken and deepen your experience and relationship to yourself. Let the vastness of your soul and the beauty and magic that resides within over take you. If you do it with this attitude and embrace being alone you will see it as a gift and a blessing. I’m alone, but never lonely. I embrace it. I’m here to grow and learn and evolve. I use this as an opportunity to better myself every single day. Our work is never done.

6. What’s The Lesson? For help with this you can download my LITE (Look Inside To Enlightenment) Guide to better understand the situation. I teach self-inquiry and this process will help you better understand why this happened and learn the lesson in it.

Each and every thing that happens has a lesson in it for us. So if we can begin to live from this space and truly understand that everything happens for a reason and it is for our higher good. Especially the challenges in life. WE must learn the lesson or we will have to repeat it over and over again until we truly learn the lesson.

7. The Right Person Will Come Along At The Right Time

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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