Operating From A Higher Frequency

What exactly does operating from a higher frequency entail?  In simple terms it means “taking the high road.”  As we all know there are many different roads and avenues we can take in life.  It’s always a conscious decision on our part.  Despite the freedom to choose the more mindful and aware we become, the more we practice elevating our consciousness and frequency, just like anything in life, the easier it becomes to “operate from a higher frequency.”  Part of operating from a higher frequency means becoming mindful of the connectivity of us all.  We are all connected to this earth, this life, everyone.  We are all really one.  We are all in it together.  We all have problems and challenges.  We should never take our problems out on others.   I’m always disheartened when I cross paths with an angry or sad person and how they may go around misdirect their pain and sadness.  Grimacing at the world because you have problems only attracts more negativity and sadness.  The most disheartening thing is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, truly vulnerable to others then we empower ourselves.  It takes will power and a depth of consciousness to give people the benefit of the doubt.  It is ok and most of the time safe to assume the universe really is a loving universe.  Most people really are compassionate.  And it’s this compassion that truly allows us to operate from a higher frequency.  When we start to live and act from a place of compassion we start to see others as our fellow brethren, friends, earth family.It’s been through many years of practicing mindfulness that I have come to fully understand the beauty of this.  It is so powerful to be able to not live in your own sorrow and pain, yet understand on a profound level that we are all suffering.  Life is essentially set up this way so we can evolve.  If everything was happy go lucky we’d never have any reason to want to seek a deeper truth and evolve.  And while I’m no insinuating that everyone is interested in evolving, eventually maybe not in this lifetime, but perhaps the next, eventually we will be left with no option, but to evolve.  We then begin to see life for what it is.  We then begin to live from a place of compassion.  We then begin to enjoy a smile with a complete stranger because we are connected to everyone and everything around us.  We begin to feel safe enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, allow ourselves to put our vulnerabilities on display.  We then begin to enjoy the connectivity among everyone and everything.  We then begin to smile even though deep down inside we’re struggling.  I struggle daily, but take comfort in knowing it’s ok to smile.  I get now that life is a school that will continue presenting me with challenges that I will have to continue overcoming.  And everyone else is in the same school.  And it’s perfectly ok and safe to smile and have some sense of peace with the unknowing and what’s to come.For more on mindfulness.  

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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