Precipice, Living On The Edge

Precipice, Living on the edge.  

I will not go lightly into the dark night.

Those who live by the sword shall die by that very sword.  

It’s all I’d known. Uncertainty, despair.  A quandary of epic proportions.  Never to be figured out.

Hopefully eventually surrendered acceptance.  Perhaps not.  

Maybe an eternal pondering……My glory robbed of me long ago.  

The path I’d tread not even my own.

How I’d be lost for decades only to find myself in a hallow grave years later.

Touched by spirit.  Touched by fantasy. Touched by my very own immortality.

None of this was even my own reality.  

An existence belonging to someone else.

I’d transcended my own existentialism.  Escapism the only existentialism I’d ever know.

I’d live on the edge until the cliff would erode away freeing me from my own dark captivity.

I’m being held hostage.  Held down from a boundless liberation that calls and calls my name.

I yearn to go to that unknown faraway place, only I know from lifetimes gone by.  I go there only, but to free my soul from the captivity of this life.

Where the yogis go to elevate the state of mind, sit with God and raise the vibration.

God allowing me finally to soar down and then in catching myself, I’d free fall until I’d rise.

Only then I would fly.

Here Is Where -

Here Is Where

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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