Stepping Out Into The World

Stepping out into the world.  I step out into the vastness unknown.  There’s anticipation of perhaps some wonderful potential.  The unknown not quite visible, but possible.  Anything is possible.  We must come out and see what unfolds.  Our stepping out must be accompanied by the heart’s longing for more.  Our mind’s curiosity leads us out into the vastness of this great big world.  It’s so full of possibility.  We can come with a sense of excitement of what we hope to create.  Or excitement of what we’ll leave behind.  What reality do we create for ourselves? What do we ask of the universe because she is always listening.  In every quite moment she is listening to our hearts content, even our heart’s despair.  Whether our desires are ever fulfilled or even ever so closely met that’s another story, but she’s listening nonetheless.  Coincidences are for the non-believers among us.  Serendipity for the dreamers.  Dream a world of wonder and you’ll find that world before your very eyes.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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