The 3 Things I’ve Learned About Life As A Reiki Master

 - Energy Matters. positive vibes only.

Energy Matters. positive vibes only.

So while there are endless things I’ve learned on my journey to becoming a Reiki Master there are 3 that are prevalent.

What is Reiki? You’ve heard of it and you know what it is. Or someone told you it’s a form of massage. Not really. It’s a mode of transferring positive energy for the sake of healing. So you are giving if you are in person or sending if you are at a distance, yes over bodies of oceans as well, Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese term that means – Rei = Spiritually Guided and Ki = Life Force Energy. So essentially Ki in Reiki is the same as Chi in Chinese. Reiki essentially is spiritually guided life force energy. So you are a conduit and a means by which spiritual energy flows through you and is directed to the intended source. So when I give healing or send Reiki via distant healing essentially it is not me whatsoever. It is my Gurus, Angels and Guides working through me sending or giving the Reiki.

The other most beautifully profound thing about Reiki is that it is cyclical. You are sending energy and energy comes and goes and what energy we put out comes back to us. When we are having fun with someone then they are having fun back. It’s all energy. This is why sending positive energy and loving people is so very important.

It matters. If you send negative vibes and negative energy there is always backlash. You will not escape feeling the heat in some way in your life. In some way that negative energy that is put out will most certainly find it’s way back to you. And the same goes for positive energy. It’s even just energy connecting with others. When we are in a good mood and laughing and smiling people pick up on that and resonate with that. People are drawn to happy people because it’s contagious. The frequency of love and happy is so much more powerful then negative energy which is a lower frequency and has much less power, but power nonetheless.

I’ve always been into energy and vibes, consciousness, transformation, spirituality, all of it. This has been my thing since I was little.

I’ve always known there was more out there. Other realms to tap into and a higher power for sure that was running it all.

While I’ve always been about positivity and connecting with other people it heightened my senses and my awareness all together. How little did I know and how heightened senses after being attuned to Reiki changed everything.

An attunement in Reiki is a process by which the Reiki Master or Grandmaster passes the energy to pass Reiki into your hands. And once you are given the ability to pass and move the Reiki it stays with you for the rest of your life.

If you are thinking about training in Reiki I would use this piece as absolute confirmation that you should and it will change your life in remarkable ways.

It is not by coincidence you are here reading this. There something about wanting to know about Reiki and my experience as a Reiki Master that has lead you here.

Image by Greg Rakozy @grakozy on Unsplash.Image by Greg Rakozy @grakozy on Unsplash.

Image by Greg Rakozy @grakozy on Unsplash.

  1. Connection To Others – I’ve always been into having deep connections with people and talking and connecting deeply, but my ability to connect deepened immensely after I was attuned to Reiki. I became even more intuitive and had greater clarity with things in life.

  2. What We Put In Matters – Cause essentially that ends up what we’re putting out. Cycical – taught me to forgive

  3. Love More – so powerful so I wanted to put out even more love –

One of my great teachers in consciousness has been Dr. Bruce Lipton. He’s a cosmobiologist and teaches epigenetics. He understands energy, frequency and consciousness in ways that are profound. And he’s an exceptional sage in this area. He will give you much greater clarity and offer you insights you had not known. He’s truly an expert and a leader in the world of consciousness and energy.

He’s so worth checking out. And to learn more about kinetic energy and transferring energy click here.

Again I work with energy every single day and understand it well and have come to understand it in ways I never knew possible prior to training in Reiki.

And then the training is only one aspect of it. It’s the working with it daily that has given me deeper understanding.

And as you know you don’t have to be trained in Reiki to know and use energy in powerful ways.

So as you continue on your soul journey I wish you so much awesomeness, love and light ahead.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.