4 Easy Tips For Dealing With Failure


Have you had a recent failure?

Ok well guess what? You’re not alone. We all have. That’s life. It’s a series of ups and downs.

And here’s what I can tell you. The most awesome wins come out of exceptional failures. Nothing is as rewarding than winning after failing. Easy wins don’t have the same grit and grind behind them and will never give you that same sense of fulfillment.


So if you’re down in the dumps because of a recent failure here are a four tips for getting back at it.

  1. Mourn – yes. You heard that right. Mourn your failure. Do what you need to do feel bad or awful about it. Feel sorry for yourself. Feel depressed. Spend the weekend overeating, drinking and binge watching your favorite Netflix series.

  2. Get Up – Ok so now the mourning is over it’s time to pick up the candy wrappers, brush off the dust, trash the dirty tissue and get back on your feet. Know your resilience. Know and feel that desire to achieve is still in there. And now get right back it. Quitters are losers. There’s not opportunity to win if you give up so you’re only choice is to keep on keeping on.

  3. Learn The Lesson – Now that you’ve spent a weekend feeling sorry for yourself and down in the dumps and now that you’ve come to the clear conclusion you’re not giving up – take a moment to reflect on it all. Think about what you could’ve done differently. Come up with a better game plan and learn from your failure.

  4. Don’t Give Up – Now that you’re stronger and wiser – you are bound to win. You are more determined and more destined to succeed than ever. You understand on a deeper level what you did wrong. You spent time feeling bad about it. You acknowledge your misfortune and you also acknowledge you’re not going to sit around and mope all week. So here we go, stronger and badder than before. Victory is yours. And the reward will be even sweeter.

    These are the steps to getting you back in the game.

    And here’s a breakdown of the 4 Things I’ve Learned About Life as a Reiki Master.

    1. Connection To Others

    2. What We Put Into Our Life Matters – Cause essentially that ends up being what we’re putting out. The energy we give is the energy we get back.

    3. Cyclical – taught me to forgive

    4. Love more – so powerful so I wanted to put out even more love

To read the entire piece or to download my LITE (Look Inside To Enlightenment) Guide and get started learning self-inquiry.

Inspiration can be really awesome after failure. If you need some uplifting then watch the awesome Jim Rohn give one of my favorite talks.

 - “It’s not the fall that matters, but the get up.”sue dhillon

“It’s not the fall that matters, but the get up.”

sue dhillon

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