In Pursuit of Happiness – It’s What We All Want

It’s our quiet and for some not so quiet pursuits of happiness that have me thinking.It really does cut to the core of what we want, who we are, how we were raised and our genes even according to science.  While many people when asked are on a quest for happiness and will try any means to obtain it, many are misguided and may be headed down dead end roads and dark avenues in pursuit of the ever so evasive happiness quotient.What is happiness?  For those who struggle financially they will tell you it’s money or wealth, a big house.  For those who are homeless and hungry it’s a meal and a blanket.  For those who are wealthy they actually may end up being the most miserable of us all and are digging deeper, perhaps in all the wrong places for a piece of peace and happiness.  Also there is this notion of never being fully satisfied with what we have and needing more and inevitably reverting back to that level of happiness prior to acquiring more.  This is known as the hedonic adaptation.  For more on this theory click here.Really what it boils down to is more is less.  True happiness is not, will not and has never been acquired by wealth and superficial things.  Real happiness comes from love, meaningful relationships, warmth of loved ones and being of service to others.  In all of the scientific studies the happiest people in the world are not the wealthiest, but the most compassionate.  These are the souls who are most connected and most sustained internally.  External things are merely that, things.  They will not feed our souls and enrich our lives.  It is experiences of love and heartfelt exchanges with those around us that help feed our souls and inevitably lead to fulfillment.If we are lucky enough to find a passion or hobby in life this also can offer sincere solitude, joy and tranquility to our inner selves.  I’m hopeful that we continue individually and collectively on our soul journeys and continue connecting to the people and experiences around us to create a more meaningful and enriching world for ourselves and each and every soul we encounter along the way.  I think this modality of being would be a huge first step to our ultimate happiness, peace, joy and contentment in the long run. While many of us already practice this, it’s in the continuum of practice that we create sustained action, influence, and a heartfelt long-lasting change that will help us all tap more and more into our happy place.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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