Learning How To Turn On Love With Dr. Alison Ash

Learning how to “Turn On Love” with Dr. Alison Ash –

I sat down with Sex and Intimacy coach, educator and Stanford lecturer, Dr. Alison Ash.

Dr. Ash is a sociologist and founder of TurnOn.Love.

She covers topics that range from the Art and Science of Seduction to Jealousy, Love and Relationships .

You can catch more episodes of the podcast here.

When we sat down she spoke to me about vulnerability and shame, something that comes up for a lot of people in relationships.

She gave me her breakdown and acronym for S-H-A-M-E – “Should Have Mastered Everything.”

We had a long conversation about the ways in which most of us can feel hindered in relationships.

She offered insights and laid out a lot of the misconceptions we have around closeness, intimacy and vulnerability.

It was an eye opening interview.

Her specialty is teaching – how to form healthy relationships and create deep intimacy.

And as I learned during the interview it’s very complex and multi-layered and while we each deal with it in our own way she shares powerful ways to move past the insecurities, past old wounds and hangups.

Some of her upcoming events include The Road To Reconnection and The Tantric Path To Intimacy.

To learn more about Turning On Love or Dr. Ash click here.


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