Anthony Borges – Honoring A Real Life Hero

Anthony Borges – is a true hero.  Perhaps of epic proportions.  What an incredulous life we’re all given, some  more than others.  Anthony Borges’ heroic efforts to save lives has spread love amongst hate in every corridor America.  The selfless teen is an example of bravery and profound love.  He took five bullets while looking out for classmates in Florida in a shooting that left 17 people dead.  Anthony is originally from Valenzuela, but despite his critics he is an American through and through who saved lives of his fellow American classmates.  He is an example of the good that unity brings.  He is an example of a real America, the melting pot that stores love, hate, cynicism with critics the world over.  He is a little piece of the love despite the contentious efforts of those who spread hate and are interested in division.  Anthony is a lover and fighter for good.  Anthony saw no color during his few moments of heroism that saved several lives.  He blindly gave of himself for his fellow classmates in those hideous moments of terror.  He didn’t pick and choose.  He gave his all for their overall good.  Borges a rising soccer star sustained serious nearly fatal injuries and doctors say his recovery will be long and arduous.  I pray wholeheartedly, blessed is he while God watches over him.  He surely has more to accomplish in this life.  I imagine he will comeback stronger.  How strong I cannot imagine.  He is an exemplary human being.  He emanates pure love and light.  God I believe has a plan for him, much greater than he could’ve ever imagined.  I pray for a full recovery and a life so treasured only He knows. The most god awful things sometimes happen to the most wonderful people.  It’s true.  I pay great tribute to this hero.  This young fighter who is evolved beyond his years.  A young man with a great calling.  There is more good that will come out of this remarkable human being.  Anthony Borges is a true life hero.Anthony Borges, read more from Newsweek by clicking on the link.   

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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