Debunking the “There’s Someone For Everyone” Myth

No there’s not. If one more person says this to me, I might just snap every so kindly. Better yet I’ll tell em’ like it is. No there is not someone for everyone. Do I say this because I’m alone and lonely? Yes, but also because I myself am not the only living proof of this. I have other evidence. I have other friends and people who also are alone and do not have “that someone.”Fortunately for me – my interpretation of life is far from conventional. I don’t think everyone belongs with someone. I think some of us belong alone. I think some of us have karma that delivers loneliness. I think some of us are figuring it out. I think some of us who are not alone are with the wrong someone. I think many of us settle out of shear fear of being alone. I think some of us are scared of being alone so we’ll take the first thing we can find.Simply put the simple truth is there is not someone for everyone. There might be someone who’s touched your heart and transformed you, but despite emotions, torn and tattered hearts and an enormity of feelings for someone we may still end up alone. I believe that karma gives us what we need for our highest evolution no matter the pain and grief it may cause.Also let’s be clear. There’s no perfect person and no perfect relationship. That is part of the karma. We encounter others to learn and grow. It’s through our interactions with others that we learn to love, to forgive, empathy, patience and acceptance, just to name a few.We each are bestowed with lessons for growth and awareness. We can accept them as opportunities to learn or we can become bitter and hateful and walk around angry at the world for our own karmic misfortunes. I will not take this out on others. While I’m sad and lonely I wholeheartedly accept it just is not in the cards for me this time around.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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