Dusky Sky – Another Day Gone

Dusky sky another day gone.  The time evades my captivity.  Yours and mine.  We try to grip it.  Hold on.  We want to tread backwards in time.  To that awesome place and that fleeting moment that once was.I long to go back, one month back and grab hold of that ever so fleeting moment and freeze it, myself and you in time.The dusky sky drops acid on the horizon turning day into night.  Ever so slowly in that moment time stands still.  Time is of no essence at dusk.  The corridor of my heart is open and allows the pain to come seething in with each dusk.  It is yet another reminder of what was and will never be.  It is yet another reminder of the ever growing distance between us.  Each dusk marks even more distance between us.The dusky sky marks time like a hologram across the oceans.  The moon rises above the horizon as if it were propelled to a pendulum holding us all in place.  I see the horizon, dipping and tipping over, towards the Indian ocean.In wonder I stand still at the escaping time.  It eludes you and I.  Nothing in this universe will elude us quite like time.  Not in the present.  I’ve evaded this moment and gone back to a place that once was.  Time is of no consequence in this very fleeting moment.  In this very moment I’m not here.  I elude time in this moment.  I hear nothing.  I feel something.Then I come back to this moment and realize we’re lost.  All of us.  Working effortlessly to force the hands of time.  Forward and back we force what is still to come and is now long gone.  Never in this moment – we live for yesterday and tomorrow.I ask you sit to still with the dusky sky.  Honor the time and live with the dusk as it darkens over the horizon.  Another day gone.  I feel this moment ever so slowly.  It’s, but the ticking of time.  With every beat of my heart another few seconds have passed.  I’m now a few seconds closer to eternity.  Few seconds closer to the bliss I long for.  The dusky sky dips down into the horizon turning yet another day into night. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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