How Do You Know If Someone’s Being Authentic?


It’s actually much easier than you would imagine.  I struggled with this growing up.  Sincerity and honesty is so important to me.  It’s at the top of my values, morals and ethics list.  I learned through developing my own intuition that when we tap into ourselves we can sense and feel whether someone is being honest or dishonest.

What Does Being Authentic Look Like?

We don’t realize this until we really start being in the practice of tuning into our senses, feelings, emotions.  There is a weightiness that we feel when something is wrong or doesn’t sit right with us.  Most of us ignore this weighty feeling, but that is your intuition, gut instinct telling you something is off.

Am I implying here you have been told a blatant lie?  No, but perhaps a white lie or a tainted version of the truth or not the whole truth and yes possibly a blatant lie.  As we develop our intuition we start to tap into what our instincts are trying to tell us more and more.  You know immediately if someone is being inauthentic.

Things That Keep Us From Authenticity

A lot of times we have blockages that keep us from tapping into our higher selves.  When our energy is not clear we are unable to see the truth for what it is or are unable or unwilling to recognize authenticity.  It’s like the movie or saying, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You.’

Our higher self wants the truth, wants to live in authenticity at all times, but the lower frequencies and blockages keep us from seeing the truth.  At times because when we’re really into the person we’re in shear denial.

We don’t want to believe the naked truth staring us in the face or accept it.  We pretend they are into us and we continue ignoring that intuitive instinctual part of ourselves that is trying to tell us something.  When we’re operating from a higher frequency you know when someone is not so into you.

Friends and relatives don’t have to point out all of the red flags.  Being able to listen to and acknowledge what is going on inside of us takes time, practice and trust.  It’s with age and experience that we really start to trust ourselves and what our bodies are trying to tell us.  It was at a very young age I was told I was intuitive, but did I listen?  No.

I ignored all those feelings, nausea, premonitions and my instincts for decades before I was able to get clear and recognize that this was my higher self communicating with my lower self, looking out for me, speaking to me.

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