On Fear – Finding Hope In The Most Hopeless Of Times


How can you be positive right now? How can you still be optimistic? These are the things I’ve been asked in recent days. People letting uncertainty take hold of them and exasperate their fears.

This is deeply disheartening.

And in response I have this to say – let me assure you even in the darkest of times – hope is an open avenue – it’s there and waiting, available to any one of us at any given moment. I feel now the time is most opportune.

Left in isolation and being fed so much negativity will only heighten fears.

And this is not powerful. Yes we should stay informed and tune in and get the latest, but not woe in all day every day.

From a space of levity I know isolation and being alone can be a good thing. And if you have loved ones around then consider the blessing you’ve been offered.

Here in my humble ode perched up on a hillside looking out to the west I think of those opposite me in the east. How they also are coping?

It’s my understanding from a spiritual perspective the east is coping far better than the west. And no I’m not trying to make this and east west thing, but how we cope matters.

And there are certain beliefs and narratives we are fed and live by depending on our geography.


I am of the caliber that when it is dark I look for light. When there is hopelessness I see a way out. In the fear I see an opportunity for growth and a time to exercise my resolve.

I’m resilient. Look at all I’ve overcome.

This is how my mind works as I tap into a deeper space that assures me all will eventually be well. Without this center and this grounding that comes through mindfulness I’d be lost and probably quite fearful as well.

I do not fault you for your fear and I ask you not to fault me for my trepidation to tap into that and go with that.

I’d rather go with what works for me. And that is hope.

Yes hope is alive in me and well. I’m still inspired. I’ve been extremely focused and productive. The extra time has given me the great fortune to ramp up some of my extra-curricular activities. Stepping up the soul work. I’m lucky I see the delight and benefit in it, so I’m of that bent.

However, yes, hope is available to us all. After all without hope where do we turn?

Going with and feeding the frequency of fear will only make this very strange time feel even more grim. And that’s not where we’ll find our power and strength.

And this time calls for exactly that.


So as an inspirationalist, I will take the liberty to focus not on my fears of this pandemic, but my hope we will overcome this.

I find greater strength in the latter.

And while this might be our first pandemic, the world has suffered many. And kept going.

It does not serve me to focus on the fear. I’m served in diligence and vigilance. I’m served by staying well informed, but only to an extent.

I know people who are spending all day every day reading yahoo and the sensationalism of this disease.

The well informed are powered with the knowledge to know how to maneuver through this time. The over informed are not necessarily helping matters, but feeding into a lot of negativity and bringing about a lot of anxiety not only to themselves, but to those around them as well.

As a collective we need to lift the universal vibration. We are all in this together and we will get through this together.

The intensity of hopelessness is not a feeling that serves any of us.

Again I’m not here to dismiss anyone’s fears. It is a really scary time. There is so much still unknown and so many new details coming out every day. And I think we should use that fear to tap into a greater sense of hope and faith that while it is certainly scary we must remember we’ll get through it. And if we all can tap into hope and faith as a collective we can raise the collective consciousness.

I sincerely believe on a soul level the world is being taught important lessons about love and life. There are so many unkowns and that is unsettling.

Yes it’s real, but……..

the negativity we feed into will not serve us and help us get through it any quicker or in any way at all.

What will help us now is using this time powerfully and wisely. Seeing it with a new lens will serve us.

On a personal level seeing it as an opportunity to go inside of yourself and find your inner gold. Find yourself now. Discover yourself and your life and your loved ones and your passions in ways you never thought you could.

Or had only dreamed of.

Now is the time.

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