Is Karma Really A Bitch?

Is Karma Really A bitch?  Hmmm.  I wonder.  Is karma really a bitch or do we just not understand the definition of karma?There are so many words in this day and age that get thrown around oh so loosely with little regard, thought or understanding for that matter.  It’s like that insecure friend who’s always misappropriating big words.  We’ve heard the word, it sounds cool and we use it, but we don’t really understand the essence of it whatsoever.   I’ve never done this.  Uhhhh……just kidding.  Old enough and mature enough to know and acknowledge I’ve done it, but I’m working on it.  That’s what counts.  Its’ the first step in our recovery.  Acknowledging and accepting.  This is where the conscious awareness comes and we start becoming hyper aware of our mis-steps and working to correct them.Karma is hardly a big word, or it might be a really big word, the biggest word ever if we keep it in context and understand it fully.  It’s kind of like kismet.  It’s misused more than any word I’ve encountered.I think we get caught up in throwing words around so loosely that we end up misleading, misjudging and at times all together confusing the meaning.So this is a phrase I hear people throwing around with little thought or regard, but I guess it sounds cool to say, “Well you know what they say, karma is a real bitch.”I’ve said this myself.  Not because it meant anything in that moment, but because it sounded cool.  However after giving it some thought and with a little age under my belt it’s actually pretty obnoxious.  It takes it out of perspective and context because karma is not a bitch at all.  Karma is what we get – let me paraphrase it with yet another saying, “what goes around comes around.”  So no karma is not a bitch.  “You reap what you sow.”  The only problem with karma being a bitch is that you might not meet that bitch until next time, another life.  We don’t always get what we deserve or have coming this time around.  It’s a difficult concept to understand.  However karma sometimes is delivered many lifetimes later.We see not so wonderful people leading by all appearances “wonderful existences” this time around, but it might not come around until later.  I truly believe this to be part of the cycle of birth and rebirth.  The soul evolves over many lifetimes.  It’s not a once in a lifetime thing and then you’re dead.  We’re too slow to grasp things for it to be that simple or unfair quite frankly.  We’re all dealt a different hand over a span of lifetimes.  The hand we are dealt now is very much related to how we played our cards in a previous life.  If it were as simple as one God and one life, we’d all have a fair chance or at least a fighting chance, but that’s not the case.  We’re all at different levels of our soul evolution.  We’re all dealt different hands.  We are made up of good and bad, sweet and evil, we are murders, rapists, writers, teachers, healers, philosophers, scientists and seekers and on and on because of the stage we’re at today.It is up to us how we decide to be today based on what we’ve done in the past, not just our immediate past, but distant past, many lifetimes ago past.  We can be selfish or compassionate.  We can be loving or manipulative.  We are a sum total of our experiences in this life and past lives.  We carry pieces of ourselves forward for our own soul evolution.  It is for our ultimate good.  Once we realize we are here to learn and allow life’s challenges to make us stronger and wiser we no longer resent life as a difficult experience.  Life is difficult yes, but it’s supposed to be so we can become better and stronger and learn from the lessons based on our own past karma.  It is over many many lifetimes that we finally get to start working on our souls on a conscious level.The point being – Karma is not really a bitch, but our own doing from lifetimes past coming back to teach us for our greater good.  It is our karma that we created and that we must learn from.  Paybacks the real bitch.Life is not easy.  Life is hard.  The sooner we stop expecting easy and accept the reality of it, the easier it becomes.  Never a breeze, but easier.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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