Jane Goodall’s Legacy and the Profound Lesson In It For All Of Us

In a world so accustomed to looking for differences and setting ourselves apart from one another, it is through our similarities and commonalities that we are able to ever connect with others.  While uniqueness is so beautiful, it is when we find common ground that we are able to evolve and relate and come closer to others.  It is through discovering how similar we really are, how we are made of the same matter and how the most powerful organ within all living beings is our heart.  The heart is living, being, knowing and ultimately feeling.  It is what gives us life and love.  The heart is what offers us compassion.  The heart is what allows us to thrive.  Despite our differences we all have this one powerful organ.  We all feel joy and pain through this organ.  No matter how different we may be on the outside our hearts all function in the same way.  Our hearts serve the same purpose.  The primary purpose of our existence is to love and be loved and to evolve and feel compassion.  Only those who are not happy and do not see the beauty in feeling empathy and compassion for others will close their hearts.  It is through love that we have union with mankind.  It is through love that we can raise our consciousness.  It is through empathy that we are able to elevate our souls.  This was the profound lesson of the Jane Goodall’s message and unparalleled legacy.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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