Just Another Sunday Reflection

soul1On Sundays I do my weekly ritual of reflecting, but find it always comes about in a different manner.  This ritual may entail a morning process of taking in some ‘Super Soul Sundays’, on yes OWN.  Some Sundays it entails nature, a sweaty hike, dog love, food binge, macha  binge, meditation is always plugged in there somewhere generally in the am and reading is a Sunday MUST.  Regardless this has been a part of my Sunday routine for many many years.  I’ve always been an existentialist as far as I can remember.  Down to my early days in grade school I was always philosophizing and trying to figure things out.  “What’s up here?  Why am I even here?  What’s it all about?”  Seriously I use this as my substantive anchor of being an old soul or revisiting reincarnated soul because I know for a fact I’ve been here before.  This time around I just knew it earlier.  This time I felt like, “Oh Ok this is life school.'”For real and a let me tell you School’s been a big ole’ pain in my derriere. It’s not been easy.  At times tough and rough.  At times even unbearable, but I’ve managed to stick out school or is this ‘the Hard Knock Life’ or is it the ‘The School of Hard Knocks?’ Whatever it is it has not been easy. It’s been a topsy turvy roller coaster ride with it’s major major ups and super super lows, but my quest for a deeper understanding helps me put it all in perspective.  This never ending quest I’ve been on for a greater sense of self or greater sense of understanding my self and this so called life has been the greatest school of all.  I cannot change it so therefore I accept it.  It’s the Buddhist way.  The path of least resistance.  Or simply put, acceptance.  More on the Buddhist philosophy of acceptance to come. For those who don’t know or are curious about Buddhist teachings go here.  Nonetheless it’s taken me years to get to this point, but I can say now that I have arrived.  I accept.  I mean truly accept.  I take the bullshit with the awesome.  I love this life and get that it truly is a bitch.  Why I know I’m transformed, but of course always transforming, (sign of evolution) and will never be at that pinnacle because we are all works in progress, is because I now get and wholeheartedly accept that life is a struggle.  It’s a challenge.soul2There are peaks and valleys, high and lows.  That’s what life is.  It is not perfect for anyone.  Everyone has challenges, always different for everyone, but we all struggle in some aspect of our life.  There is no person regardless of their status or stature who has a perfect life.  Yes because of our individual circumstances there are perhaps  dozens of people we’d gladly trade shoes with, but I promise you those exteriors and the facade of what looks great on the outside is just that, a facade.  There is no perfect person and no perfect life.  And that is life.  Straight up.  It’s the understanding of this and acceptance of this that leads to the path of transformation.  Am I fully transformed?  Not even.  I’ve been on a soul journey for the past 13 years working to transform.  The beauty of this journey is understanding that there is no end to evolving.  Once you start, you never stop.  When I say this I mean truly start to evolve.  When you understand soul evolution, you understand that you as an individual are a never-ending work in progress.  All of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time and before us will tell you we are always evolving and becoming better and continue learning and growing.  The point is to start the evolution process.  Just start the process and you’ll be off to the races.  Not a competition.  Just run your own race at your own pace.  Hint: There’s no finish line.  The race just keeps on going.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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