The Number One Thing I Get Asked As A Mindfulness Trainer


As a Mindfulness Trainer I get asked a lot of things.

Things like, “How do I forgive? How do I let go?” And of course I’m told by many that issues in their lives are everyone else’s fault. There’s a lot of blame that is thrown around very loosely. Generally a means of self-deflection. No one wants the heat. No one wants to own their part. Most people don’t feel they have work to do. They believe they are right and they are entitled in their way of being and behaving and to some extent they are. The extent where that must stop is when that entitled way of being impacts other people in negative ways.


Being selfish and being a know it all doesn’t work. The more we do the self work the more humility comes upon us. As we begin owning our stuff and actively acknowledging we have work to do the ego begins to drop away, bit by bit. It shrinks and a bigger heart and compassion take hold of us. And this is when life begins to become profound and powerful beyond belief.

So there are a lot of variables in people’s lives and the common thread is there is always something that each and every person is dealing with. No one is free from problems. And that is the nature of life.

However as a Mindfulness practitioner I know for certain everyone needs a more powerful and graceful avenue to dealing with life’s struggles.

You really do need a road map of sorts. Check out my road map to life here.

The number one thing I get asked is how do I find happiness, sustained happiness?

And this is an awesome question that everyone should be pondering because ultimately each and everyone of us deserves to be happy.

We are here to be awesome and we are here to find sustained joy in our lives.


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