Yogis With An Attitude – Not As Self – Actualized As They May Think

Yogis with an attitude?  Really?  Or perhaps these are not real yogis at all?  The whole point of self actualization is to raise our consciousness and drop the ego.  What is it with people meditating and walking around with an attitude or ego?  Seriously? It’s the I know something you don’t know type of attitude that I’m talking about.  Oh right you figured out something I did not.  You are enlightened and I am not. And now with yoga taking the spike in interest it has in recent years I’m seeing more and more of this than ever before. As a student of many different modalities of spiritual work I’ve been to a lot of instructors and through a lot of training and have had numerous experiences of meditating in large groups of people. There’s so much attitude and ego and I find it utterly hilarious and quite frankly, pretty despicable. The thought of a yogi with an attitude is contrary to the very essence of yogic practice This aspect of being around seekers and practitioners can really taint the whole vibe and the whole tribe for that matter. No one practicing, yoga, meditation, or any other transformative work should be walking around with an attitude anywhere ever. Please.I’ve encountered a lot of meditation instructors and wannabe yogis who have an ego and attitude.  It is just a little absurd and totally contrary to the practice itself. This is not at all a part of the awakening and raising consciousness process, but counter productive to it.  I think perhaps they are missing the boat or their yoga mat all together.  The idea behind the practice is to become fully aware of our oneness.  We are all one.  We are all the same.  We are all beings ultimately looking for self-actualization. And while we are all at different levels of that process it is those who are the most self-actualized who have no ego, see the oneness in all beings and do not find smiling at a fellow human a threat. That is the irony of the notion that one is meditating and becoming self actualized, but has an ego? You may be meditating and working on your ultimate self-actualization, but as you actually begin to become self-actualized you become a gentler soul who does not carry the burdens of your past resentments and issues just to be directed at others. Instead as we become more and more self-actualized we see us in everyone. We unify and we connect with others on deeper and more profound levels than we ever could have prior to gaining heightened awareness.We have to detach when being given information and then see how and where we can best apply it to our lives and experiences versus just using the knowledge against others or a power play in situations. That’s not how we should use our heightened awareness. The idea is to gain heightened awareness and then become totally humble. No attitude, no ego, no nothing. And the ultimate goal, unity and a oneness of consciousness with all living beings.For more on letting go of your ego.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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