Natural Wisdom Of Breathing Techniques

It is the natural order of the universe. Our first moment in this universe begins with the breath. Our last moment on this early plane also ends with the breath.

So while there is so much information out there on breathing techniques and meditation I find a lot of misinformation about meditation and breathing.

There is a common misconception that meditation is hard. And I hear people say all of the time, “I can’t stop thinking.”

And here’s the beauty of this statement, you are not supposed to stop thinking. That’s not how the mind works. It is the nature of the mind to think and be constantly active. That’s what the mind does.

This is not exclusive to some. It’s the case for all of us.

So the natural wisdom in breathing techniques is this – you were born breathing. We breathe all day every day.

So there is a systemic natural order and wisdom to the flow of breathe.

The inhale and exhale is the cosmic law of the universe. And when we get in alignment with this on a deeper level there is even greater wisdom we can tap into.

First off when we close off all external stimuli and begin to sit in reflection and sit with our breathe we elevate our awareness because are bringing ourselves to a higher state of consciousness.

The 3 States of Consciousness Most People Know

  1. Waking

  2. Sleeping

  3. Dreaming

    And yes sleeping and dreaming are two different states of consciousness.

So when we enter a meditative state in the world of mindfulness that is known as restful alertness. We are in a elevated state of awareness – the 4th state.

We are awake. We are not asleep, but we’ve turned our extras sensory perceptions off.

We are quieting the mind. And while the mind will not just go quiet, know you will continue to have thoughts, but over time your mind begins to have less racing thoughts. And you are quieting the mind in the sense that you’ve turned off all the extra sensory stimuli. You are not on your phone. You are not engaged in conversation. You are not eating. You are not sleeping. Your brain is not ON in tv mode or telephone mode or engaged with any technical gadgets. You’re simply in a state of heightened rest.

And the point is not to focus on the breathe or turn the mind off.

The point is to simply be.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.