The Number One Thing I Do To Boost My Self-Confidence Every Single Day


  1. Meditation – This gives me all of the groundedness I need to get through the day.

    That’s it. This is it. This is all you have to do.

    This is the absolute game changer to living powerfully in this incarnation. There is nothing more powerful you can do for yourself than this.

    It’s in practicing Mindfulness that you begin to find that most awesome deeper profound part of yourself. This is where you awaken the greatness within. It comes from this quiet space that allows you to meet the world with acceptance and receptiveness.

When we can begin to have greater awareness from moment to moment through practicing mindfulness, i.e. meditation our light becomes richer.

Each and every moment and interaction become more profound and depthful. Everything has greater meaning because we have greater awareness. We are more alive and more present in each moment. This is the power of mindfulness.

Mindfulness awakens you.

Most of us live this life in sleep. We sleep through it. We miss so much. We miss great moments because our minds are wandering. We are not always fully present moment to moment. We are most times not aware and not in that moment whatsoever.

And while you read it here it may feel strange and hard to process, but this is very much the case.

We live most of the time and if we break it down to moments, moment to moment thinking about the past or the future. We are reminiscing on incredible opportunity, experience or person from our past. It’s fruitless.

That moment is gone. It is no more. It is not a part of this moment whatsoever so there is zero power in brining it here.

And granted on an occasion it is perfectly fine to reminisce, but if we spend a little too much time on it we are completely missing now.

This moment. We are missing now. All we have is now. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. Our power is in the NOW.

And if you’ve never meditated before it’s ok. Don’t let all of the myths about meditation scare you. There is a lot of false and misleading information out there.

There are theories that it is very hard. A prevalent myth I hear is that you have to turn your brain off and you have to stop thinking. This is not true. Even better it’s so far from the truth because it’s impossible.

You cannot turn your brain off. It’s not possible. It is the nature of the mind to think and think and think and overthink. It’s not possible to turn your brain off so don’t even try it and definitely don’t stress yourself out before you even try it.

There are many different types of meditation. My favorite is Zen.

It’s effortless and very simple. You essentially do nothing. You sit and you bring your awareness to your self. You do nothing and you simply are being. That’s it. It’s absolutely effortless. And you may become so relaxed that you start dozing off. That’s ok. It takes a little practice, but the benefits far outweigh any initial struggle, resistance or learning curve you may have to undergo.

If you need a little help and prefer guided meditation then you can click on this link and download my free Bliss Guided Meditation here.

It’s short and simple. About ten minutes and this will help you get started. You’ll have a better understanding of the state of mind you need to activate to get going with your meditation practice.

It’s all about bringing awareness to simply being. It’s the act of being.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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