Happy New Year!

A new year is always a reflective time for all of us. It’s an opportunity to look back at days gone by in the previous year. We can reflect on how we handled things, how we accomplished things, how we were day to day. Did we live to the fullest in 2014? Did we do everything we set out to do at the top of the year? Did we stick to our new year’s resolutions? Probably not all of them. Or generally we get off on a fast foot at the top of the year and then lost steam somewhere along the way. This is common. We are creatures of habit and very easily can resort back to our old selves. However with each passing year and each new revelation, hurt, conflict, mistake, error, f-up, and lesson I find myself becoming less and less tolerant. As we age we all become less tolerant. The stuff we put up with as teenagers, we’d never ever put up with today. The things we let slide in our younger days we just don’t let slide anymore or not to the extent we did when we were younger. With the New Year come new revelations, new illuminations, new insights, a greater level of maturity, hopefully, and a greater level of clarity. We learn with time what it is we want and will put up with and what we won’t. As we age and evolve we become more clear as long we’re open to evolution about where we’re headed and the path that will get us there. So it is on this wonderful new day at the start of what has the potential to be an incredible New Year for us all we have to just be grateful for having made it this far. We’ve got a long ways to go, but as long as we are focused and intent on our destination we will get there. A lot of times it’s just little affirmations like these that help keep pushing us along and keep the momentum going. We hopefully are all very excited about 2015, all of the possibilities and opportunities, the great promise of abundance and what we can create for ourselves. Let’s try and stick to our resolutions this year, the best we can. And when you feel you’ve fallen short of your own expectations of yourself just give yourself a gentle little nudge to keep going. We truly do have the will power to make our dreams come true.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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