Mindful Souls Never Stop Evolving

As I’m getting older with each passing day I become more grateful for the little moments of bliss.  I’m finding myself treasuring time more and more.  I attribute this to my soul work and self discovery.  Also I think practicing mindfulness makes you very alert of the present.  It brings awakening that may have not been there before.  This is the power of practicing mindfulness.  The whole purpose is to become centered and live more in awareness.  The more I sit in silence the more I’m able to come to terms with what is.  The more I sit in stillness the more I arrive at an awakened state of awareness, mindfulness and being in the present moment.  The practice of stillness is for this very reason.  It is to awaken us to the here and now.  It is to align us with the universe in a way that we can do only through this practice.  The more we do this, the more aware we become.  The more we sit in stillness the more humility that comes upon and the more we realize what a never ending quest this is.  When you begin to practice mindfulness and awareness on a regular basis you begin to understand and interpret life in a most beautiful and powerful way.  You begin to see the world through a different lense.  Your senses are heightened and awakened in a way like never before.  You being to process things in a completely new way.  Life takes on greater meaning.  Time becomes more precious because you slowly start to live more fully into the moments.  And you see how fleeting moments can be.  You are no longer anticipating, but begin the amazing act of living with awareness in the here and now.  You become more present of what is in this moment and therefore more alert and more authentic.  You are able to live into the moment fully and with wholeness in a ways you’ve not done.  The most awesome part of practicing mindfulness is the humility of it.  It is an incredible process that works through your soul from the inside out.  You begin to feel whole on the inside and therefore can reciprocate and respond with more depth and clearness of mind on the outside and with our external world.  You also come to realize that it is a practice you will never master.  You are always learning and evolving.  Mindfulness makes you a student for life.  There are no experts in this field.  The beauty of it lies in the fact that more you practice awareness and mindfulness the more you understand it is a continual never ending process.  The most evolved souls know there is no end to evolution.  No matter how far you come there is always more.  The more evolved you are the more humbled.   Some of the greatest people of our time and most incredible human beings despite there accomplishments had a very clear understanding of this.  They didn’t walk around with egos and attitudes, quite the contrary.  The greats always downplay their greatness.  They are truly great and do not need validation and therefore can live in humility of the marvels of an incredibly gifted life.  They are grateful, therefore humble.  You only practice to continue the soul’s evolution and the more aware you become the more humble and the more you realize there is so much more to go.  It takes an entire lifetime and even then you are still learning and growing and evolving.  No one is totally evolved.  It’s a work in progress and this I think is the absolute beauty of it.  It gives us something to always keep striving for.  There is no finish line, just an endless most beautiful path that continues to illuminate us and our lives more and more as we continue to dedicate ourselves to compassionate awareness.  Mindful souls never ever stop evolving.  EVER.A great resource for those seeking more on mindfulness. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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