Winds Of Change

The Winds of change blew in this morning with a flash of fury.  They blew in dust, clouds, gusts, a rush right through me.  A nudge so gentle, but so furious I couldn’t pretend to not feel it’s needling.  A prickling thorn against my side prickling around my hara. I was being nudged, lead from my inner sanctum.  Perhaps yesterday’s blue moon lunar eclipse added and umph of gusto.  What was it behind the push, the rush, the surge to act now?That nudging has been there.  Perhaps this was the beginning of the end.  Or the end of what seemed to be starting anew.  Or maybe the end had already come and this is the suggestion of an onward and upward trajectory.  Oh how we live in such denial of the inevitable.  It’s not just I, this I know.  We all do it.  My friends, family, kin, they all live in bewilderment of what once was.  Or pretend what is, is not.  It’s human nature I suppose, but on this clear sunny spectacular morning there was a different auric chemistry in the air.  There was hope and wonder.  There seemed to be a feeling of what is possible and what could be rather than what is no more.  The sense of possibility almost overwhelming.  Regardless I’ll take it on with childlike curiosity.  The wonderment filling my soul.  The very depths of my being excited to be offered up so much abundance.  The universe replenishes me, the entirety of my soul.  What lies behind tonight and tomorrow?  I have to jump in and receive the universe’s abundance.  It’s not often which makes it even more precious.  Glorious even more.Change is always forthcoming.  Letting go of the fear of what is to come is a powerful way of being.  Flowing with the change and unknown opens us up to possibilities far beyond our imagination.  Change is inevitable. We cannot stop it.  There is no constant in life.  Life is changing, evolving, transforming, happening always.  Let us be like the beautiful butterflies that sit on lilies invigorated by evolution.  They fly in glorious majesty amidst their own transformation.  Let us be those butterflies.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.