I’m Out

I’m out.  In and out.  I’ve been there and stuck around for the nonsense.  Nonsensical part of you that thrives on bullshit.  How awful to have stuck around.  How oblivious the draw could make me?  The draw of the darkness expelling a little shimmer of light.  The light crying to breakthrough, but the dark too dense to allow any light.In the dark I carried on.  In the dark I made pretend I saw light.  It was the dark that shone the light.  It was the light that lit up the dark.  I hope I’ve learned the lesson, but something tells me there are more incarnations in this frequency.  Lower realms show us so much about ourselves.  It’s a matter of improvement.  Self inquiry will lead us to our eternal space.  For that eternity seems so far.  How will I ever reach the milestone of evolution?  I won’t.  It’s a many lives long process.  Not one and done, but many lives each enraptured in the last. Each carry lessons from our past.  Each life offers new lessons, new challenges, new awakenings if we’re awake.  We must awaken to the lessons so our eventual physical end will meet us somewhere in the majestic heavens.  Some day many lifetimes from now I too will sail in and with the majesty of that one God.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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